AI Across Fields (AIX) Forum: Practicalities

Series of events for finding novel high-impact applications of artificial intelligence

The forum

The format of the AIX forum can vary from event to event, but a possible example template for an event is as follows:

  1. First hour: 5–7 short (5–7 min) pitch talks about problems that pose a potential challenge for AI methods.

  2. Second hour: A panel with all the presenters involved, together with a couple of selected AI experts. The panel is opened by the AI experts providing their initial comments of the pitch talks to launch a discussion. The audience is also given an opportunity to participate and present their questions, and comment either the pitch talks or the discussion in the panel.

  3. Third hour: Networking event with snacks and drinks provided, while the organizers encourage creation of new links for potential collaboration.

For presenters

Please think carefully how to present your problem in such a way that the interest in the audience will be maximized: 

For AI experts

If you think why you should attend the events, please keep in mind that for high-impact implementation of FCAI, we need to find new opportunities for collaboration and good ideas for successful applications of AI. The people presenting will have spent a considerable amount of time thinking how they could be useful to us – if that is not an opportunity, what is?

What can constitute an "X"?

X can basically be any problem domain where AI can be applied in, from a scientific discipline (e.g. physics), to a sub-field (e.g. materials design) to a business sector (e.g. traffic). A single event does not even need to be thematic (a single "X"), but it can be formed around a collection of interesting pitch talks / problem domains (various different Xs) based e.g. on expertise found in a physical location or organization.


We are currently in the process of launching the very first events of the AIX Forum (see below for an evolving programme of events). Anybody willing to suggest a topic (X), and/or willingness to host such an event, please contact the Vice-Director of FCAI, Prof. Petri Myllymaki (petri.myllymaki at FCAI is willing to organize some events on its own, but prefers to organize them together with another host. We are prepared to organize the very first events in the capital area, but as a national flagship, we are eager to extend the event series also elsewhere in Finland, potentially already during the Fall of 2019.