Diversity and non-discrimination

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI is committed to promoting diversity, equality and preventing discrimination in all its operations. Our goal is to offer everyone an equal and non-discriminating working environment where people of all genders, positions and backgrounds are treated alike.

We acknowledge that especially gender imbalance is a global problem in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence, the main issue being how to make the field more attractive to women, and girls early on. To overcome this, FCAI has established the following practices:


FCAI seeks to advertise open positions in venues where it is likely to reach wider female audience (e.g through WiML) and adheres to the policy of favoring the minority candidates in case of similar qualifications.


FCAI is preparing to produce AI-related materials for schools and club activities for children, with particular attention to attracting girls. Through Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, FCAI is promoting computer science to women, e.g., taking part in the Super-Ada campaign, which aims to inspire young women to embark on careers in data science.


FCAI aspires to increase the number of female speakers in its events and promotes female scientist e.g. when communicating on research results.

FCAI has nominated an equal opportunities officer to ensure that connections are made and cooperation is ongoing and fostered with networks of female scientists in the field, e.g., Women in Machine Learning (WiML) and Women in Data Science (WiDS). Moreover, the equal opportunities officer provides a low-threshold contact point to discuss any equality, diversity and non-discrimination issues.

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FCAI adheres to the host-organizations’ principles in promotion of diversity and non-discrimination.

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