FCAI and its partners invite companies, AI startups, students, investors, accelerators, public sector etc. to our spring get-together. The goal of the event is to continue with the series of AI matchmaking events and this time the special focus is to serve FCAI partners, AI startups and students in matchmaking.

The event is taking place at A Grid (Otakaari 5) on Thursday 5 April at 3pm–6:30pm. Registration starts at 2:30 pm.

After the short welcoming words and intro from FCAI, our member companies will present their interests and what they are looking for in the field of AI. We will also offer flash talk opportunity for FCAI researchers, AI startups as well as for AI accelerators and other support organizations. Companies looking for partners or hires can bring a roll-up for increased visibility.

The registration period for the event has ended.


2:30pm     Registration

3:00pm     Welcome and greetings from FCAI, Petri Myllymäki, HIIT & FCAI

3:10pm     Greetings from FCAI members Elisa, SAAB, Nokia, City of Espoo

4:00pm     Breaking for sandwiches and refreshments

4:30pm     Flash talks (4 min each)

                  Antti Oulasvirta, Associate Professor, Aalto University
                  Arto Klami, Assistant Professor, University of Helsinki
                  Aki Vehtari, Professor, Aalto University
4:45pm     Marika Paakkala, Director, Aalto Start-up Center
                  Marko Turpeinen, Director, EIT Digital
                  Harri Juntunen, Business Development, AGRI ML
5:00pm     Martti Pankakoski, Founder and CEO, LABRA.AI
                  Oguzhan Gencoglu, Head of Data Science, Top Data Science
                  Markku Ranta, Founder, Cap Data Technologies
5:15pm     Martti Meri, CIO, ForeThink
                  Ville Hulkko, CCO, Silo.AI
                  Petri Martikainen, Executive Chairman, MOPRIM
5:30pm     Ulla Kruhse-Lenhtonen, CEO, DAIN Studios
                  Tuomas Ylä-Kauttu, Head of D11 Lab, D11 Finland
                  Perttu Yli-Opas, Chairman, Aalto AI Society
6:00pm     Jarno Vuorenmaa, CTO, Someturva
                  Ismo Olkkonen, CEO, VimAI
                  Pirkka Sippola, Head of Partnerships & Academic Relations,
6:15pm     Henri Kivioja, CEO, Lempea
                  Otto Nyberg, Director of Research, Giosg 

6:30pm    End of event