“The next AI generation will be the big revolution. We haven’t seen anything yet.”

FCAI Professor Petri Myllymäki gave a talk at a conference on innovation in the EU in Brussels organized by Science|Business.

Even though public bodies and large companies are investing heavily on AI technology and development, Myllymäki noted in the conference, according to a story by Science|Business that the current AIs are stil, in fact, in their infancy. Existing AI methods are good with big data sets that are properly annotated, but they are still “black-boxed”: there is little or no way of knowing how the AI came up with a solution it did, or, what happens between the input and the output.

Myllymäki said that ‘[current AIs] work in some narrow environments remarkably well, if you have a lot of data. They have been productised and there are nice tools you can use, so these are the primary reasons for the current AI revolution.’

‘The next generation will be the big revolution. We haven’t seen anything yet.’

What we haven’t seen is Real AI. Making Real AI a reality is very much at the core of what FCAI strives to do: to create AI tools that are transparent, able to explain themselves to the user, use scarce resources efficiently and take not of user privacy and security in all steps.

Read the write-up of the whole conference from Science|Business here: https://sciencebusiness.net/news/not-too-late-europe-ai-race-experts-say