FCAI–City of Espoo collaboration covered by Yle

The collaboration between FCAI and the City of Espoo to make use of the city’s databases to create new AI-assisted services and solutions gets coverage in Yle (in Finnish): https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10413353.

Espoo’s recent experiments in child protective services show promise. With AI tools, 280 factors, which anticipate future needs for help and services, were isolated. The results are only experimental for now, but give an indication how cities could improve their social services with AI-assistance.

Many major cities in Finland are looking into how benefit from AI tools and methods and collaboration with research, says FCAI Professor Teemu Roos (University of Helsinki).

Roos says, ‘Cities and municipalities are to gain from AI just as much as companies. AI speeds up data processing and helps in creating projections and policy recommendations, but the greatest benefit is the ability combine data sets in ways that haven’t been feasible without AI.’