High-level delegation from the Czech Republic Parlament Visited FCAI – Support for Ethical Application of AI


A high-level delegation from the Czech Republic has visited FCAI. Ethical application of artificial intelligence was the core of the visit, as making use of AI ethically, calls for collaboration with like-minded countries in Europe.

During the visit of Mr Ivan Jukl, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic and his delegation, the need for systematic collaboration with small, European countries having parallel targets was emphasised.

“China and the US are investing massively in the development of AI.  To make the most of the opportunities offered by AI and stand up to competition, European countries need to join their forces. Cooperation rather than competition,” said Professor Petri Myllymäki, vice-director of FCAI in his speech.

The Czech Republic recently published the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Strategy outlines the seven priority areas in the field of artificial intelligence. The list includes for example the promotion of research and development activities by financing research and development and providing investment support. Development of the AI ecosystem in the Czech Republic and boosting international cooperation in the field of AI are among the top priorities as well.

The visit was hosted by Petri Myllymäki and Ilmari Lastikka, Vice Precident, VTT International affairs. Delegation of the Czech Republic consisted of Ivan Bartos, chairman of the Committee on Public Administration, Martin Kupka, vice-chairman of the Committee on Public Administration, Adam Kalous, vice-chairman of the Committee on Public Administration and Jiri Dolejs, member of the Committee on Public Administration.