AI Across Fields (AIX) Forum

Series of events for finding novel high-impact applications of artificial intelligence


AI methods are quickly disrupting all areas of our society. As part of the national AI strategy, the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) recently received a flagship status of the Academy of Finland, with a mission to create significant breakthroughs in the field of AI while producing high-quality scientific, societal, educational or economic impact. As part of this national endeavour, the AIX forum is targeted in finding new opportunities for high-impact applications of AI in Finland, and in exchanging ideas between Finnish AI researchers, researchers in other fields, companies and public organizations.

The goal

The AIX forum is meant as a meeting place for people applying (or wishing to be able to apply) AI in their specific domain (the "X"), people working on similar problems in some other domain, and people actively developing new AI tools and methods that can potentially be applied in these domains (“AI meets X”). As we already have forums where AI researchers can present their recent results (e.g. the weekly machine learning seminar in the Helsinki area), the AIX forum focuses more on problems, applications and innovations, and not so much on solutions and tools. Therefore, the presenters in the AIX forum events are people who have a potentially high-impact challenge for AI (e.g. an interesting data set, but no clear idea what to do with the data), while the AI experts are in the audience, trying to understand the essence of the problem. After the formal programme there will be an opportunity for networking and creating links for potential collaboration.

Program for fall 2019

September 4: AI and Traffic, 3–6pm

Co-organized with The Traffic Research Unit (University of Helsinki)

October 2: AI and Cancer

Co-organized with iCAN Flagship initiative (University of Helsinki)
More details to be announced shortly

November 1: AI, Health, and Maritime

Co-organized with Turku Science Park, Turku Business Region
More details to be announced shortly

November 4: Economics and Causal reasoning

Co-organized with Helsinki Graduate School of Economics
More details to be announced shortly

November 27: AI and Government

Co-organized with Palkeet - Finnish Government shared services center for finance and HR
More details to be announced shortly